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Web Design and Development

Solutions that fit your budget and need

Building and Design

RightPath Media loves to build and deploy powerful and beautiful websites into the hands of small and midsized businesses.  It's as simple as that!  We know that your business  isn't like any other.  We know you saw a vision to help others through your product or service and wanted to make a difference.  That's why cookie cutter template websites don't cut it.

Every site we build is for the individual, unique client we're working with.  Sure, many businesses want similar functionality, but that doesn't mean they all fit together in the same way.  We listen to your goals and learn about your vision, then we guide you through a process of discovering what your unique website looks and feels like. 


 We build custom websites, and we build them to reach your clients.



We Work within your Budget

RightPath Media is small and that's on purpose.  With big fancy studios, huge staffs, and high overhead, we'd never be able to do work for smaller or medium sized businesses at a price you can afford. We understand that you need to make the best use of every dollar you have...that's why we do our best to help you get the best solution at the right price.


We Build Sites You can Manage

What good is saving money during the site building process if you have to continue to pay us to manage it for you?  Our goal is to build a site that we can turn over to you, your secretary, or your web volunteers to easily manage on a daily basis.  No software is necessary and no special skills or programming knowledge is needed.


We Build for the Future

When we sit down to build your custom website we don't want it to be useless in 5 years.  So, we spend a whole lot of time making sure what we build is a core that you can expand, enhance and grow over the coming decades.  We stay up on the latest in web technologies so you don't have to.


Ready to Find Out More?

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