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What our clients think about our service and support

  • As a Manager in our Youth Baseball program, and President of our town's Youth Football program, I was informed of my access and opportunity to utilize the Constant Contact Email Marketing tool.  I was provided RightPath Media's contact information and was instructed to contact them for instructions as to the use of the tool.  My computer skills are basic, and are influenced by the frequency with which I repeat any computer work or activity.  By telephone and with a screen sharing technique, RightPath Media was able to, within about 30-40 minutes, provide me the basics necessary to allow me to produce and send a good quality email blast to the contact database available to me.  RightPath was swift in responding, and very agreeable to further assist me when I had a few follow-up questions.  I am also confident that he will be there for me and my questions going forward.  As a computer novice, I am very pleased with the tool itself, and with RightPath Media's assistance using the Constant Contact Tool.

    –Phillip DeGregorio, Merrimack Cardinals Football

  • We are extremely satisfied in the development of our innovated website morgandisaster.com, that was designed by RightPath Media. We were able to get to market fast and reach our audience quickly.They are a great testimonial to the excellent and professional work that my company received in the past 6 months. 

    –Charlie Morgan, Morgan Disaster Services

  • RightPath has been an enormous resource in our expansion of Sports World facility, they were able to get our front desk quickly migrated and minimized downtime keeping us up and running for our customers. They were able to understand our business and provide a support plan that worked for our budget. Most of all they delivered on our website, on-time and on budget!

    –Ronald E. Morander, General Manager, Sports World Center

  • Eric and the staff at RightPath Media did a tremendous job on my website! I get compliments from all my customers on it everyday! They really understood my business and were able to turn that idea into a great Website!

    –Rosa Boussiquot, Owner, TLC Cleaning Services