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New Client: Moose Crossing Garden Center

Gardening straight from Maine

New Client: Moose Crossing Garden Center. 0

As a business owner you have to wear many hats, sometimes those "hats" you have to grow into. Moose Crossing had a freelance web designer build them a Wordpress site and  over the course of several seasons, the site fell behind in security releases. This left them vunerable to attacks and hackers. Then one weekend the site went down and a banner page replaced the existing site. A hacker had expoited a security hole in the site and modified some of the wordpress code, compromising the site. 

Moose Garden had no place to turn, until a close friend referred them to us! RightPath was able to get a copy of the site, revert previous compromised changes, patch and update the site and fix any "holes". We then created seperate id's for Tyler and His staff and instituted a 90 day password change procedure. 

We also provided Tyler with one of our Maintance Plans that gave him the reassurance that updates for the site would be scheduled and applied keeping him from future trouble. All in all Moose Crossing was now safe and ready for there new planting season.