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Just Along for the Journey

Taking Control of your Site

Upgrades Building and Remodeling came to RightPath when they wanted to relaunch their old static HTML Site. They were looking for a simple and cost effective way to be able to update and change content on the site without having to be a "coder". RightPath built UBR a new site using our Simple Site Solution. They are now on the road to taking more control of their site content.




New Client: Moose Crossing Garden Center

As a business owner you have to wear many hats, sometimes those "hats" you have to grow into. Moose Crossing had a freelance web designer build them a Wordpress site and  over the course of several seasons, the site fell behind in security releases. This left them vunerable to attacks and hackers. Then one weekend the site went down and a banner page replaced the existing site. A hacker had expoited a security hole in the site and modified some of the wordpress code, compromising the site. 



root of all evo logo

New Hosting Client: The Root of All Evo

RightPath Media welcomes James Saxton, owner of The Root of all Evo » to RightPath Media's Hosting platform. TROAE's site is dedicated to all things related to the Mobile EVO phone and Android. Keep checking back as he's just in the early launch stages. But we expect some very cool articles and tips on all things EVO!





Speak no further Dragon Dictate has full intergration into Office Suite for Macs

Although windows counterparts have had speech recognition embedded in Office for a while, Apple owners can breath a sign of relief, as Dragon Dictate is now fully compatible with Office for Mac. The mobile app for iOS devices has also received an upgrade and has integration into Facebook and twitter statuses. 



Iphone 5 Rumors - for those that can't wait

<img src="http://cdn.macrumors.com/article-new/2011/08/iphone5-4-500x375.jpg" style="padding:8px;float:left" alt="iphone Images Care of Macrumors.com" /><br> Straight from <a href="http://www.macrumors.com/2011/08/10/this-could-be-what-apples-iphone-5-l...">macrumors.com</a> new images surface of the iPhone 5.



Battle of the Mobile Operating Systems

So in the heated battle of the iphone v. android face-off, did you ever consider what other things both users of these feature rich phones tie themselves to? Hunch.com » has created a very insightful view into the users of both phones and what their other "likes" are...Read More on Hunch's Site »